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An integrated global network of middle-market M&A advisory firms.

AICA’s member firms provide a full range of advisory services to assist clients with cross-border business sales and divestitures, mergers, acquisitions, capital raises, joint ventures, and other strategic transactions.

Clients of AICA member firms benefit from the personalized senior partner attention of the local firm that has been engaged, amplified by the expertise, relationships and resources of our global investment banker and advisor network.

Network Events

M&A on the Lakeshore

Americas Conference 2023, Chicago, USA
Host: Metronome Partners

EMEA Conference 2023

EMEA Conference 2023, London, United Kingdom
Host: FRP

AICA Global Conference 2023

AICA Global Meeting, Dublin 2023, Ireland
Host: Capnua Corporate Finance

Americas Conference 2022

Americas Conference 2022, Chicago, USA
Host: Alpax

1st Jan