A Masterclass Guide to Selling Your Mid-Sized Business

5th April 2021

In January, Carter Morse & Goodrich launched a MasterClass on Selling Your Mid-Market Business with Divestopedia, the premier online M&A publication.  The content on these videos is excellent and will be really helpful for any business owner contemplating a transaction.

If you have asked this very question, then Carter Morse & Goodrich’s upcoming Masterclass is sure to give you the guidance and knowledge you need. 10 masterclasses taught by four internationally recognized investment bankers from Canada, US, and the UK. Get independent and unbiased advice on how to sell a mid-sized business ($10 – $150 million in revenue) from world-class experts. This series is an invaluable resource for those business owners considering or currently involved in the sale of their business. This masterclass can drive hundreds of thousands of dollars from the increased purchase price and improved terms on the sale of your business. Don’t sell your mid-sized business without it!

To gain immediate access to the 10-part course,  create an account with Divestopedia by clicking the bitly link:  https://bit.ly/2XJEqEi  After creating a new account, you will be able to download the course.  The course is categorized by topics which allow you to select specific topics you would like to learn.

10 masterclasses taught by four internationally recognized investment bankers from Canada, US, and the UK.




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