MHT Partners Announces Initiative to Provide Social Impact M&A Advisory Services

15th July 2020

MHT Partners, LP ("MHT Partners") is excited to announce the launch of a focused initiative to advise social impact, environmental, social, and governance ("ESG"), and double bottom-line companies and investors as part of a Social Impact M&A Advisory program.

When preparing for an exit – do the opposite.

1st July 2020

Carter, Morse & Goodrich, USA - When it comes to selling a business, owners need to think differently than when managing day-to-day operations. The instincts and tactics that make them successful growing their companies are often wrong when exploring an exit.

Selling an ESOP-owned Company

29th June 2020

BCC Advisers, USA - There have been numerous studies outlining the benefits of selling a company to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). Whether it is securing the legacy of the business, improving employee retention and productivity, or tax benefits, there are a variety of reasons business owners use ESOPs as an exit strategy.

There will be major value deals in the real estate market in the last 2 quarters

21st June 2020

Asia Business Builders, Vietnam - The consulting entities now have a more important role in modelling the expected cash flows from a given real estate asset as Covid-19 is likely to impact consumer behavior in the longer run (perhaps less crowded retail outlets as a result of consumers being more socially distanced / slower growth in purchasing pow...

Can Higher Education Remain Status Quo Once COVID-19 is Contained?

7th June 2020

MHT Partners, USA - The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating change across nearly every sector of the economy from healthcare to retail. The same is true for education as colleges and universities have been forced to transition to online learning and rely on technology as the sole means for instruction. One question that students and spectators ali...

COVID-19 & IT Services: Cyber Security & Cloud Expertise are Paramount

2nd June 2020

MHT Partners, USA -The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a huge spike in the number of at-home workers. Estimates show that two thirds of the U.S. workforce now work remotely, and this number is expected to remain steady through April and potentially May.(1) In turn, this has put extreme pressure on internet bandwidth. During the month of March, global ...