Bringing the right capability to the cap table

13th July 2023

Yefira, Asia - Enabling entrepreneurs to bring in the right capabilities as they seek to raise capital.

Exchanging your Role for an Exciting Roll

19th May 2023

EdgePoint, USA - As a business owner you’ve had to assume many roles in your company to make it successful. These roles range from chief rain maker, head project manager, talent recruiter and occasionally even the janitor. As time progressed, you’ve likely delegated a few of these responsibilities to enable you to prioritize your time on more s...

M&A Market Update for ENTs

22nd February 2023

Edge point, USA - Timely Opportunity For Otorhinolaryngology Practitioners To Exit - Would you and your partners like to take some money “off the table…

How Important to Selling Your Business is a Plan for Growth?

31st October 2022

Edgepoint, USA - In most instances, an investor or buyer is purchasing an asset in hopes that it will grow in value during their ownership.

What are the options if a portion of the family wants to sell?

1st August 2022

Carter Morse & Goodrich, USA - CMG are delighted to launch their first “CMG Insights – Contributor Series” featuring Francois de Visscher, President of de Visscher Advisors. During this video Q&A session, CMG’s Michael Carter and Francois share their insights on the ever-changing landscape of family business advisory from generational succ...

The Emotions of a Deal: How it Feels to Sell Your Business

11th May 2022

Chesapeake Corporate Advisors, USA - Most business owners will only sell one company in a lifetime. While much has been written about what investors look for in a target company and how to structure the best deal, less emphasis is placed on the emotions involved.