How Important to Selling Your Business is a Plan for Growth?

31st October 2022

Edgepoint, USA - In most instances, an investor or buyer is purchasing an asset in hopes that it will grow in value during their ownership.

What are the options if a portion of the family wants to sell?

1st August 2022

Carter Morse & Goodrich, USA - CMG are delighted to launch their first “CMG Insights – Contributor Series” featuring Francois de Visscher, President of de Visscher Advisors. During this video Q&A session, CMG’s Michael Carter and Francois share their insights on the ever-changing landscape of family business advisory from generational succ...

The Emotions of a Deal: How it Feels to Sell Your Business

11th May 2022

Chesapeake Corporate Advisors, USA - Most business owners will only sell one company in a lifetime. While much has been written about what investors look for in a target company and how to structure the best deal, less emphasis is placed on the emotions involved.

Getting Ahead of Recent Change

3rd May 2022

Edgepoint, USA - Change has been around for a long time – the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus is credited with first observing “change is the only constant in life.” Some years positive changes outweigh negative ones, but in 2022, a middle market business owner must seemingly cope with a powerful array of negative changes in order to r...

Real Estate in M&A

8th November 2021

BCC Advisers, USA - Depending on the type and size of a business, the associated real estate can represent a significant portion of total proceeds received when a business is sold.

4 ingredients for a successful Management buyout

13th October 2021

Marco Polo Advisor, Italy - In a world rich in liquidity, management is increasingly becoming a scarce resource in corporate finance transactions - and planning an MBO requires four ingredients that are seldom present at the same time