Bringing the right capability to the cap table

13th July 2023

Round closed successfully! The common triumphant announcement made by start up founders in the market.

What does it truly mean to have a “successful” fund raising round?

Every series of capital raising overlaps with its own set of opportunities and challenges for the next growth chapter for the firm. Hence, the need is not just adequate capital injection but also the relevant expertise coming on board to steward the firm in the right direction which may be sometimes overlooked in the mad scramble to ‘hit’ a certain funding target

While the above is indeed important to achieve the firm’s targeted growth trajectory, it is equally important for entrepreneurs to seek a synergistic match for a HIGHER CAPABILITY QUOTIENT as a primary attribute while engaging with the capital providers.

Yefira’s approach: Bringing experience diversity to the cap table

While everyone is familiar with the big VC names, the smaller angel syndicates also bring to the table a wealth of experience and expertise with their ‘LP’ base of veteran C-suite members as well as serial entrepreneurs.

While they might not be leading the round, they could fulfil the role of a spokesperson for the firm raising capital, lending their gravitas and hence potentially attracting more investors and perhaps even the lead investor. Moreover, these angel networks are accessible at a far earlier stage for capital raising.

Accessing angel networks early on is a mindset that needs to be strongly embedded in the practices of many young entrepreneurs, if this has not already been the case, in order for them to unlock real sustainable scaling in further rounds.

Yefira recently acted as a co-arranger to AltoVita, bringing in such an angel network in the form of Ascend Angels in a successful round. AltoVita is an online corporate accommodation platform intended to help employees to search for and book accommodation. Its data-driven platform provides Global 2000 companies, SMEs, and business travellers with the instant access to a diverse network of housing options worldwide. The funds raised by AltoVita will be used to increase list of properties to 2.5 million before the end of 2023.

We have no doubt that the wealth of experience & expertise that can be leveraged from Ascend Angels will no doubt add value for the business.


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